All the specialties MIS Romeo ® are produced according to the historical recipes of Family's Romeo handed down from father to son, unique owners of the know-how and the famous productions of candied and brown in a Milan that has seen them excel over the decades as protagonists in the most renowned and historical city laboratories.

Written and experimented over a long professional history, they are now implemented by MIS Romeo. with new technologies and delocalized plants that optimize quality and competitiveness.

Arancia a cubetti 10x10 MIS00001 candita da fresco.jpg

The passion for quality, handed down over years, has led us to embark on a path of refinement that has reached its sublimation in obtaining by the European Union the official registration for international protection of the brand MIS Romeo, not only in Italy but for the whole European territory.

Our creative partners are our customers who give us exciting experiences when they make us taste and taste their productions and with satisfaction tell us "thank you".